The Birds Were Singing Songs of Spring

red and black bird illustration
Photo by Chris F on

Written on January 10, 2020

This morning, the birds sang in a way I did not recognize at first. They sounded cheerful. I wondered, for a moment, why they sang songs that sound like spring when it is nearly mid-January. Then, I realized that it will be much warmer today compared with yesterday. According to the weather forecast, it will feel like spring for about a week.

I usually hear these happy songs in mid- to late-February when we start having warmer days, and the songs vanish when it gets cold again.

I love birds, but I am not ready to hear them yet because I want snow. I want to shovel rather than exercise in my living room. I want days of work. And I want, for a day or two, to be reminded of the snow days we had when we lived in Connecticut, and I threw snowballs at my sister and laid underneath the maple in the backyard, watching the snow fall down.


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