Airport Travelers

silhouette of person in airport
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Written during a layover at the Charlotte airport on December 1, 2019.

At airports, most travelers seem to fit into one of the following categories:

  1. The necessities: These people are accomplishing one of life’s essentials: hunting for food, visiting the loo, or napping. Often, they can manage all three before departure.
  2. The rushers: These travelers rush frantically from point A to point B because time is against them, and they might miss their flights. While I feel the rushers’ pain, I am amused by the ways they manage to lug their belongings, run, and dodge people who are moving slowly.
  3. The leisurely walkers/the wanderers: These folk fall in one of two groups. The first group arrived at the airport early. (They are overachievers who leave far too much buffer time between their arrival at the airport and their departure.) The second group has an extraordinarily long layover or a delay and prefers to stroll from concourse to concourse rather than wait idly. I saw a man who belonged in this category. Nearly everyone around him, including myself, whizzed by, but he plodded along with a slight smile on his face while eating his Pinkberry froyo. I suppose he also fits into category one: the necessities.
  4. The people watchers: No explanation is needed.
  5. The engrossed: They’re interested in little more than their activity of choice, such as reading or scrolling mindlessly through their cellphones. The engrossed usually occupy themselves with the latter.

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