Super Bloom

Super Bloom
National Park Service

Watch the YouTube video on the Super Bloom.

There’s a Super Bloom in Death Valley this year. It is covered with cheerful wildflowers that make the most dry, hot, and rough terrain in the Western Hemisphere look more like a prairie than a desert.

Occurring about once every ten years, perfect conditions must wake up each type of seed hiding in the desert. Scientists say El Nino has caused the 2016 Super Bloom.

As I looked at photos, I was amazed at what I saw. I did not know that seeds could survive temperatures of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. I did not know that seeds could flourish without any shade or that they even bother growing roots in grit and sand.

I forgot that the Bible says that there is hope in the desert, in barrenness and in emptiness. I forgot that the Lord keeps his promise. He is “making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland” (Isaiah 43:19). Death Valley is a tangible testimony to this verse. There are streams of living water (John 7:38) that bring life where things go to die.

Death Valley reminds me of the times in which I planted seeds in the desert. I was stuck in dry, barren places, and I planted even though I did not believe a harvest could come because it was oppressively hot and rain clouds were only a faint memory. Death Valley reminds me that my actions were not in vain (Galatians 6:9) and to keep planting even when my eyes cannot see hope, and my spirit feels dry and weary. The seeds are out there patiently waiting for the Lord to bring along the perfect storm so that they can wake up.

Some seeds were planted generations ago, far before my time in the desert. Perhaps my grandparents and great grandparents dropped seeds. Then, my parents, friends, and relatives came, and they too, planted. Perhaps people I do not know came along as well.  Then, I came along, and in my own way, I dropped even more seeds into the ground. Only God knows the number of seeds that are out there and what they will produce.

One day, there is a perfect storm and the seeds recognize the water, which calls them forth, saying, “It’s time.” Suddenly, life springs forth in the most impossible environment, and we marvel at it, wondering how something as ordinary as water transforms the desert into fields of green (Mark 4:26-29).

Such extraordinary growth is two fold. I know that it will produce great growth in my relationship with God, relationships with friends and family, and ministry. More importantly, the Super Bloom is also a magnificent harvest of souls. Generations that were dry, barren and hopeless suddenly wake up, becoming lush fields of green. Colorful flowers spring forth, and birds come to rejoice because the season of singing has come (Song of Solomon 2:12).

Just as the Super Bloom requires the perfect conditions for each type of seed come to life, so the heavenly rain that awakens souls will ignite all sorts of lives–people of every tribe and tongue. There will be such great diversity added to the Kingdom of God, and as each soul rejoices in their salvation and spreads the Good News, the world will marvel at its light and beauty.

– Rachel





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