I write what I wish more pastors would preach: I write about how Christians should respond to the topics that polarize our nation.

This blog is a clarion call for the successors of President Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. Where are the leaders who will speak prophetically about our nation and stand for goodness, truth, mercy, and kindness no matter the cost? The cost of adhering to the Gospel truth ultimately cost President Lincoln and Dr. King their lives, but the outcome of their convictions and sacrifices were radical. I pray that the leaders of this age will arise, come what may.

Of course, all opinions emerge from a particular angle, and it is only fair that I tell you more about myself. I live in the Eastern United States. I attended a public, liberal undergraduate school, where I studied Sociology and Linguistics. A few years later, I completed a master’s program at a conservative seminary. The schools are polar opposites, but I enjoyed each for different reasons. 

Some things I write deal with politics, but I strive to write through the light of God’s truth rather than the dim lens of a particular political party.

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