The Sunflower Diaries: Uber Productive

close up photo of knitted sweater
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Saturday, March 29 was a very productive day. I got up early and fell into my normal routine. I exercised, worked on my garden (I wasn’t able to complete the big-kid bed for my sunflowers because there was a wasp habitat nearby and I am not brave), cleaned the corners of my room that never get cleaned, organized underneath the bed, and organized my laundry. A lot of my winter clothes need to be washed, so I sorted them and left them in neat(ish) piles to force myself to clean everything within one-and-a-half weeks or so. Then, I’ll store the clothes away until it’s cold again. (Long story short, I bought a nice hamper several months ago that I haven’t used because it’s smaller than my current hamper, and I have way too many clothes in my old hamper; I need to wash the dirty laundry before I can use the new hamper.)

After that, I worked in my garden again and completed step one. By then, it was dinner time, and I spent a few moments watching the end of Fly Away Home before taking a walk.

The most interesting part of the day was that the neighbors who live behind me had a function around 9 pm. They’re known for parties (they sound really fun and usually involve a bonfire), but that’s not social distancing because I know that they don’t have 10 people living in their house.

Today has been the opposite, but not in a bad way. I finished listening to a sermon and started a new one. I tried out a new braided hairstyle because I haven’t had time to go through the trial and error phase that comes with new hairdos. In a non-COVID-19 world, I have to leave the house and don’t want to look scary or feel self-conscious. I think I will like this style once I practice more and can make it neater.

Now that my hair is longer (read more about my hair journey here), I have more than enough hair for up-dos, which may be my go-to hair style this summer. I enjoy wearing my hair out and about, but it traps so much heat and becomes so large once the humidity hits it that it quickly gets on my nerves and looks a hot mess (to me).


I wonder what the Lord is trying to teach us through this global lockdown. I’ve heard people talk about how COVID-19 is God’s doing, and I’ve also heard people mention that it’s another sign of end of the world. I’m not sure what it is and what isn’t because my mind is not capable of grasping everything God has in store for my little life, let alone every person on the planet and the planet itself. However, I do know that unprecedented situations always bring out the best or worst that is in us, and they also accentuate the level of faith we possess.

I do think the Lord wants to say something in particular to me, but I haven’t discerned what it is yet. I do know, however, that I am quite happy living under a lockdown. There’s a certain peace that has arrived with working from home and a unique level of energy I have to get things done in the afternoon. I feel content and productive, as if I can breathe a little better and move freely.



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