The Sunflower Diaries

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The Sunflower Diaries documents life as I work from home due to the corona virus. Why did I choose this name? I planted sunflower seeds about a week ago, and I saw the first seedling appear the night before I stopped traveling to work.

It’s strange to think that a sizable chunk of the world is in a situation that is similar to mine: working from home for who knows how long, temporary food shortages at the grocery store, and general uncertainty about what’s really going on out there with the corona virus.

Despite so much confusion, I must confess that I feel rather content. So far, I enjoy working from home. I get more sleep; I get ready for work in less than half the time; I don’t have to battle crazy drivers, who invent a new way of breaking the law daily, on the way to and from work; I get to sit on my front stoop while I answer emails and write documents; and I have enough time to exercise and take an evening walk in the same day if I want. In general, there’s more room in my schedule because of the time I don’t devote to taking myself to the office and back home again.

Yes, I am concerned because the virus has spread so quickly in Italy and I wonder if that will happen here, too; the economy is uncertain; and I haven’t looked at my retirement account in about two weeks because I don’t want the state of it to ruin my good mood. But, all together, my present existence is a rather lovely one.

Is it wrong that I am enjoying life during what has become a global crisis (especially when others are not)? Perhaps my current perspective and circumstances will change, but for now, I am enjoying the general peace that this change of pace has provided.


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  1. Hey Rachel, its Chris from housekeeping at Regent. Glad to see your doing alright during the closing, the law building is a ghost town these days. I appreciate seeing your writing, the last one about Prayer was really encouraging and helpful. Praying you and yours continue to stay well!


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