Sickness and Seasons

DSC02168My body woke me up early today, and I surrendered hope of going back to sleep at about 6:00 am. I lay in my bed, thinking about the tasks and meetings waiting for me at work and the dental appointment scheduled at 8:00 am. But, I knew I wouldn’t be going to work or to the dentist today because I’ve been sick since Friday. When I speak, I sound like a dude, and my symptoms are not improving.

I knew I should email my boss that I would be taking a sick day, but I didn’t want to surrender. I hate the feeling of loosing autonomy because my body, which I cannot control in this case, was doing its own thing. I stalled and wrapped myself in a warm, 100-percent polyester blanket, reclined in bed, and read an email devotional that arrived this morning. It is about new seasons of life.

I believe that I am in a new season of life—one the Lord promised would come in 2015, though I forget exactly when I first sensed Him say this. For more than two years, I have watched and waited for signs of His arrival, for growth to spring forth from the seeds I planted a long time ago. Sometimes, I misinterpreted the signs. I thought spring had arrived early when it had not. I thought certain jobs and people were the ones the Lord had promised I would encounter, but they were not. Despite what I categorized as disappointments and setbacks, a new season was still unveiling before me; it just unveiled far more gradually than I expected. And now, standing on the other side of the shadows, I see how the Lord began to move little by little, replacing shadows and dry earth with sunshine and rain-nourished lands. And with each day that passes, I step further into the harvest, and I am so grateful for the release.

No season is perfect, and this time in my life has had challenges, such as this present sickness, but as I lay in bed, snuggled in my blanket, I realized that this illness, too, is a strange sort of blessing. It affords me additional time to give thanks and to reflect on all the Lord has brought me through and has led me into.



  1. Rachel,

    Indeed anything that draws us closer to God is a blessing, no matter how it is difficult in the natural sense. Sickness is not from God, but he uses/allows it to get our attention, to draw us closer to him, to help us to realize the need to totally be dependant on him.

    At about that time (6AM), God commanded ‘someone’ to pray for you. And you will be fine: He sent forth his word and healed you…(Psalm 107:20)… by his wounds you are healed… (Isaiah 53:5); all you have to do is to receive by faith. I know that God is faithful and his promises will come to pass, as we agree with him… “yours will be done…”

    May the Lord be with you. And I pray for your quick recovery, believing that “… the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well… (James 5:15).


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