Embrace the Journey

In August, I bought a journal with the words “Embrace the Journey” on the cover. The phrase is printed in white letters on a blue sky, and rests above small, puffy clouds and a bunch of balloons floating in the wind. Each time I look at the cover, I wonder where the balloons are going. Sunshine reflects off of them, making the balloons look happy and content in the blue expanse even though they do not know where the wind will take them.

I often find clever and cutesy phrases like “Embrace the Journey” rather cheesy, but this phrase meant something to me because the Lord had been telling me something similar.

I often explain (or perhaps complain is a better word) to the Lord that life is not evolving the way I had imagined it would, and I present my list of what I wanted to happen in the last five to ten years. Some things on that list came to pass, though in some ways, they were not the glorious experiences I expected them to be. Other things on that list also happened, and they were even better than I expected. Then, there are things on this list that I’m still waiting on. I am sure they will happen, only I do know when.

There is also a separate list that lengthens each year. This list features a number of things I have experienced that I never considered or knew existed, and in hindsight, I am glad I allowed the Lord to redirect my path so that I might encounter these unknown good things. Going to seminary and working full-time at my university is one of the unknowns that has been an extraordinary blessing.

As I look at what has happened in my life so far, I am grateful for the ups and downs, twists and turns—some of which were thrilling, and others of which were horrifying. I would not subtract anything from my life thus far, and while there are still things I want to add, I know He will do so in His good timing. I just need to embrace the journey—as my journal prophetically states—and keep on living in the season of life I am in today.

I finished this journal over the weekend, and I bought a new one with the words “Choose Joy.” I am looking forward to uncovering a new insight through these two words.


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