I Exalt Thee

One of my favorite worship songs is “I Exalt Thee” by Jesus Culture. About halfway through, the music quiets, and the singers almost whisper, “We exalt thee. We exalt thee. We exalt thee.”

Each time I hear this part, I start to remember things about my walk with the Lord, and I have to stop and close my eyes for just a few moments and think. I remember how I used to be sad and anxious all the time, but I am not anymore. I remember when I was living in DC and how I used to walk to the metro in the dark after work, and I felt the Lord holding my hand as I tried not to cry because of how lonely I was. Or those times several years ago when he told me to hold on just a little bit longer because he was coming for me. He didn’t lie; he did come.

After the singers stop whispering, Kim Walker prophetically sings:

“Oh with all we have and with all we are, we have come so far to lift your name. Lift your name on high, Jesus. ‘Cause it’s all about you, oh Jesus. Oh, it’s all about you. And this love, this song, this praise is what we bring to you.”

The words, “We have come so far to lift your name on high,” stand out most to me. That’s exactly how I feel about the things I have endured in my small, brief life. I did not hold on just to survive. I held on for Jesus. I persevered for Jesus and with Jesus because I knew there would come a time when I would be called on to share my story with others. And standing on the other side of the troubles of this life, I lift his name on high because he has redeemed all things and poured his goodness and love into my life. He is my forever friend, and I love him.


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