The Morning’s Song

This morning, as I laid in bed praying, I stressed about all the choices and changes coming my way that I don’t know how to make and don’t want to adjust to. Life changes constantly, and all the adjustments make me exhausted. I am always  preparing myself for the unexpected that springs on me at any moment and jostles my life.

As I prayed, my mind shifted to the bird singing outside of my window. His song was so pure and joyful, and his song is constant. He and his friends tweet back and forth each morning. I felt God tell me to be a lot more like him. He doesn’t know where his morning meal is coming from, yet he sings. He doesn’t know if the weather will be rainy, windy, or perfectly sunny, yet he sings. He doesn’t know if a hawk will circle his tree this afternoon, plotting to devour his wife who is nearly ready to start laying eggs, yet he sings. He doesn’t know how long he’ll last on this earth. Yet he still sings the same song he sings every morning, and today, that song is just as sincere as it was yesterday and the day before that.

This bird is not stressed, he is not worried, and he is not fickle. He sings each morning, knowing that God is on his side, no matter what comes. “I love you,” he sings to the sky. You’re kind and merciful, and I am glad that you are my God.”

This little bird, who will be on earth for such a brief moment, sings great wisdom. He does not worry about his life, about what he will eat or drink, or about his body. He does not store away food in barns because God feeds him (Matthew 6:25–27).

If God takes care of this bird, He will also take care of me. He will help me make the right choices, and He will give me wisdom on how to adjust to change. He will make sure I have food to eat, clothes for my body, and a place to sleep at night. If He does this for the little bird who sings outside my window, He will do it for me.

So, do know worry about your life because your life is of much greater value than birds and other living creatures (Matthew 6:31). You will not perish; the Lord will take care of you. Be strong courageous; the Lord is with you.


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