Most people are shady

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Most people are shady.

But then, I wonder.

Do people think that I am shady?

If they think I’m shady, it’s because I think they’re shady.

And they are.

Because they do shady things.

Like the woman at work who never says hi to me when I greet her.

She stares at me, and then, she ignores me.

But I know that she hears me.

Because I said hello today, and she stared at me, looked away, and while I was walking away, she said,

“Did you lose weight?”


I tried to be nice and shrug and say, “I don’t know.”

But I wished I had asked, “Did you get fatter?”

Because that’s the alternative rude question to ask, but she would look at me like I was sporting devil’s horns.

Most people are shady.

They ignore you because they’re jealous that you weigh one pound less than they do.

They’re competitive and compare your resume with theirs to ensure that they’re better.

And don’t forget their obsession with your house or your car or the school you went to or your travel adventures or their assumption of what your paycheck looks like each month.

People need to mind their own business, stay in their lane, and stop being shady.

But I doubt that will happen.

Maybe I should be shady back.

But I’d waste too much brain power  on comparing and obsessing over lives that aren’t mine.

Besides, we can’t all be shady. Who’d be left to trust?


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